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Jira Test Tool Comparison : Zephyr For Jira vs X-Ray

July 12, 2016

Hi everyone,

I have been researching proper test tool for Jira for a while. After the deep observation, two tools came to my attention. I got a trial Jira Cloud account and setup these two plugin.

I am going to mention about 3 different dimensions, these are;

  • Applicability for JIRA
  • API
  • Test Cases/ Executions


1 . Applicabililty  for JIRA


If you want to create a test, you should select Issue Type as Test.

Zephyr test tasks works on software project. That circumstance is confusing in my opinion. For Example: If id of a feature is 4 so id of test issue will be  5.

X-Ray for Jira, inform us  more, at this point. You have a few way to apply your tests to your project. X-Ray for Jira provides us more flexibility on the domain.

Issue Type Group in Requirements Project


As A Test Project and Requirements


Separated** as Requirements Project, Test project, Test Execution Project**



2. API

API can be usable for Automated tests . If you make the integration between Jira and CI, that will be suitable for your test&release process.

Zephyr has a great API and ApiDoc as i review. You can reach the Zephyr API from this link.

X Ray has a nice API so. Cucumber , import and export supports are  significant features. They present  api doc in confluence. Zephyr API looks like more understandable than X-Ray API about the ApiDoc.


3. Test Cases / Executions

Xray for JIRA features:

  • Create,Edit and View Test
  • Support For Automated and Manuel Test
  • Specify steps of manual tests with step detail, data, expected result and input attachments.
  • Associate preconditions with automated or manual tests.
  • Group tests into test sets.
  • View and filter all list of test runs for a specific test.
  • Clone tests and test sets.
  • Tracking metrics

Create Issue

create issue

Test Set

create test execution

Test Steps

test steps


Zephyr For JIRA Features:

  • Writing testcases
  • Test Scheduling
  • Test Execution and defect
  • Specify steps of manual tests with step detail, data, expected result and input attachments.
  • Tracking Metrics
  • Automated test support can be provide via API
  • wiki markup
  • test case clone

Create Test

**zephyr test create **

Specify Test Steps

zephyr specify test steps

Test Cycles

zephyr test cycyles

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