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How to skip mandatory password change step on Magento admin? | #MagentoTips4

September 04, 2021

Magento enforces admin users to change their password regularly based on admin/security/password_lifetime config. That config setting is set to 90 days by default.

There are two ways to apply work around this especially if you work on your local dev environment.

  1. Change admin/security/password_lifetime config path to something like 9999. It can be change from Store > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Password Lifetime (days) on Magento admin.
  2. You can alternatively update last_updated column in admin_password table as following.
update admin_passwords set last_updated=1630739439 where user_id=1; --update admin_passwords set last_updated={timestamp} where user_id={user_id};

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